Hydra-Clear Softener Installation

Softener installation, another successful Hydra-Clear Process Water installation.

Our customer, a large multi national paper manufacturer, had a twenty year old softening plant for their boiler feed water supply.

The plant was in need of repair after 20 years of hard duty. Various items had started to fail and water quality was being compromised. Hydra-Clear Process Water, not a previous supplier to the site, visited and took all the relevant details.




The softener needed to achieve a  flow of 6m3/hr average with a maximum of 8m3/hr peak. It needed to be very operator friendly, incorporate into existing hotwell level controls, have capability to bring in 3 phase pumps when in regeneration and always be available for production.

The process was very easy for Hydra-Clear Process Water design engineers!!

The key point was “operator friendly” 

We can design a state of the art water treatment plant if requested, but getting back to basics is what this plant was all about! No operator input. The selected duplex softener is capable of controlling all functions via is own H.M.I.

The softening plant ticked all the customers boxes. A normally open diaphragm valve on the outlet ensures that the regeneration cycle can continue even if the hotwell tank is full.

In addition to the softener, Hydra-Clear Process Water did a full water analysis and recommended that upfront filters should be installed as the plant is fed direct from river water.

This is what sets Hydra-Clear apart.

We always ensure that our installations are checked for all eventualities to maximise service life.

Every installation we complete has all the extra items that makes the finishing touches to a water treatment plant. Isolation valves, bypass, sample valves and ease of dismantling.

A simple softener, engineered to high levels, conforming to every request the customer wanted, ready for the next 20 years.

Ion Exchange Boiler Feed Softener
Ion Exchange Boiler Feed Softener – after
Ion Exchange Boiler Feed Softener
Ion Exchange Boiler Feed Softener – after