On-Site Chlorine Generation

Hydra-Clear Process Water Ltd complete successful installation of a Chlorine Generator

Need to disinfect water? Hydra-Clear Process Water have chlorine generator, chlorine dioxide generator and other technologies and solutions to enable you to perform disinfection that is;

  • safe
  • reliable
  • cost effective

Utilising the latest electrolysis technology

Chlorine generator units take a salt water solution (brine) and turn it into a COSHH safe, stable and powerful sodium hypochlorite liquid. This solution can be dosed and controlled to any level you require.

Chlorine Generator

This latest installation on a customers site, a large multi-national drinks manufacturer,  had to ensure that the bottle rinsing water is captured, reused and disinfected. After trials of different manufacturers products, Hydra-Clear was successful in winning the bid to install an electro-chlorine generator.

Safety in Mind

A major concern over other products trialed was health and safety. This is where our system excels. The chemical produced is <1% strength and is a stable form of sodium hypochlorite.

The unique COSHH locker design means that the generator is housed in a chemical storage unit. The sodium hypochlorite solution is contained within a storage tank with dosing control pump mounted on top. This ensures that all failure points of the chemical generation and pumping are contained within the sump bunded cabinet. There is an integral sump pump to empty the cabinet and all isolation switches to the unit are conveniently located externally.

The design features of the unit are –

  • <1% Active Chemical = safe chemical handling
  • Lockable Chemical Resistant Cabinet
  • External Isolation Switches
  • Integral Sump Collection and Pump
  • External Dosing Line – outer wall protection returning to the sump
  • Integral Frost Protection Heater
  • Integral L.E.D Light
  • Softener Unit
  • Multi Channel Instrument
  • Dosing Pump with pulse/analogue/manual dosing

Chlorine Generator Hydra-ClearChlorine Generator Storage

Dosing control

So, we have the chemical free chlorine instrumentgenerated. Now what? Using a free chlorine continuous measuring instrument we are able to monitor the residual free chlorine and dose into the tank via proportional analogue control. The analogue control means that the
pump can deliver 0.1 liters per hour to 3.0 liters  per hour with the pump stroke directly controlled in proportion to the residual level.

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