Iron and Manganese Removal Installation

Hydra-Clear Installation Engineers install new Iron and Manganese Removal Plant.

Iron removal plantIron Removal Filterscarbon filterControl Panel

Borehole water – a great source of cost effective water supply? Usually the cost of extraction and treatment can be cheaper than buying direct from a municipal supplier. Iron removal plant

Our customer had high levels of total Iron and Manganese in their borehole water, that needed to be removed. There was also trace elements that gave the water unwanted discolouration and smell. The plant we designed was replacing an older filtration system which was no longer fit for purpose. Hydra-Clear Process Water was tasked to design a fully automated treatment plant for remote running.

The new plant was automated by a central control panel which sends secure data via a GSM mobile telephone network to the internet. All running data is captured and displayed remotely and securely to specified customer logins and can be accessed with any internet capable device.

This is just the start. With intelligent alarm functions, all major alarms are sent by email and text message to specific site personnel. This ensures that “engineering rounds”Control Panel are not required and the plant will inform when a response from engineers is required. Saving time, personnel intervention and worry.

What about general running checks? No problem! Fully web accessible trend data capturing means that all parameters are recorded and displayed online. Why send staff out to plant when the plant data is sent to you.

All valves and pumps are directly controlled by the panel, activating when controlled by the ultrasonic treated tankcarbon filter level controllers. All flows, pressures, temperatures, disinfectant injection and backwash sequences are automated and monitored. Hydra-Clear also have remote login functionality to respond to any breakdowns and resolve online, saving the customer money on call outs because we can diagnose the problem remotely.

Iron Removal FiltersThe water is now free from Iron and Manganese, is clear and odourless and is proportionally monitored and dosed with disinfectant. Automatically, 24 hours a day.


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