Reverse Osmosis Filtration Plant

Hydra-Clear Process Water Install Reverse Osmosis Pre- Filtration Plant


Our customer, a large bio-diesel manufacturer, experienced reverse osmosis membrane fouling. Working with our partners, ChemAqua, it was found that the raw water supply was high (<95%) in suspended solids between the 1µm – 3µm range.

The existing pre-treatment was a single 5µm filter cartridge. The effect of the particulate was blockage of the membranes, with the membranes losing efficiency in less than 1 week.

Hydra-Clear Process Water was tasked with removing particulate down to 1µm absolute

The plant is a 40m3/hr system fed from a central control panel. S1032087All operations are automatic controlled, with web based monitoring included as standard.

The bulk of the reduction of fine particulate is performed by Turbidex filtration, a tried and tested media with good adsorption properties. The Turbidex filters are back-washable extending the life beyond conventional cartridge filter technologies.



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To achieve the 1µm absolute the water leaves the Turbidex filters through a duplex (duty/ standby) stainless steel 40m3/hr filter housing with 1µm absolute filter cartridges. The 1µm housings are fully automated with differential pressure monitoring and auto change over once the filters become blocked.

Plant Specifications

  • 40m3/hr 1µm Filtration
  • Inverter Controlled Pump
    • Controlled to flow via analogue flow meter
  • Ultrasonic Tank Level Control
  • Electric Actuated Valves
  • Inlet Chlorine Monitor
  • Treated water ORP
    • Sulphite Dosing to control Free Chlorine
  • Differential Pressure Monitoring
    • All Filters monitored for increased efficiency
  • Central Control Panel
    • Web Monitoring and Trending


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