Design and Installation

From installing a simple softening unit to designing a whole new water treatment plant, Hydra-Clear Process Water will transform ideas into performing hardware. Hydra-Clear have installed many types of water treatment equipment, and the list is growing! Find out why customers are choosing Hydra-Clear.

Utilising the latest technology we can design and install systems to handle 100 litres an hour to 30,000 litres an hour and beyond. The only limit is your requirements.


Sand, Carbon and multimedia filtration can be used as a prerequisite to water treatments or as stand alone units. For removal of particulates for drinking water, to removal of chlorine, we can deliver the best solutions for filtration.

Ion Exchange

ion-exchange-resinDiscovered in the early 20th Century, ion exchange resins have revolutionised the high quality water treatment. For ultra pure, low mineral content in water, ion exchange resin plants can take many forms. Selective resins can be used to remove hardness, organics or be combined to remove all minerals. We can design and install ion exchange plants to treat what you need.

Reverse Osmosis

reverse-osmosisThe “new kid” in the water treatment block, reverse osmosis is hugely versatile and deployable for many applications. Desalination, river water or boiler feed, its applications are endless. Hydra-Clear use the latest low energy membranes to maximise on returns for replacing old water treatment plants.


chlorine-dioxide-generatorFrom chlorine dioxide generators to COSHH safe brine-sodium hydroxide generators we have the right solution.

Service & Maintenance Contracts

Our list of customers is growing and our rate of customer retention is over 90%. Why? Because we genuinely care about your equipment.

Our engineers are all time served apprentices – no ‘experience only’ personnel. They understand the importance of ensuring the small tasks are undertaken and completed. Bespoke preventative maintenance routines are set up for all new customers.

Our work reports are bespoke. There are no generic word only reports that often don’t get sent. Our engineers have the latest electronic devices with infographic work reports tailored to your site. We also provide the option of photograph diagrams for you to see the results of the engineers work, should they find and resolve any issues. Why is this important? Because you don’t need to be called away from your busy schedule. Our engineers can provide evidence of resolved issues.

With our modern engineering background, Hydra-Clear deliver FREE Root Cause Analysis reports. We believe we are the first water treatment company to provide this service. Offered as standard to all our contracted customers, this allows you to better understand the cause of a failure should the worst occur. We can send our RCA reports unbranded, allowing you to use the report for any meetings you need to take it into. It’s all part of the service from Hydra-Clear.


Remember, we can service and maintain all types of water treatment. See our Design & Installation section to find out about the different types of plants available.


Consultation and Commissioning

The additional services we provide ensure that we focus on delivering the best water treatment engineering solutions.

From consultations on water reduction, energy reduction or even troubleshooting, Hydra-Clear can provide unique unbiased technical reports to assist your decision making on selecting the right water treatment plant. With experience in cooling tower recycling, chemical use analysis and existing plant efficiency we have helped many customers improve the way in which they use water.

We can also provide experienced engineers to commission third party equipment, often at a lower cost. Have a large project that needs additional unbiased engineer help? Hydra-Clear can assist.

We have also helped customers relocate their existing equipment and install third party equipment. This can often be done at a lower cost than the supplier.

We provide many additional services too, from membrane autopsy to water laboratory sampling.

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